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Buying baby triple prams is an important decision, and it involves quite an amount of investment too. Opting for a bad pram does not only cause inconvenience to the babies, but it hurts your pocket too. Some of the most common mistakes that people tend to make while buying baby triple prams are discussed below, so that you may learn from them, and avoid the same mistakes when it’s your turn to make a purchase.

1. While buying prams one of the most common mistakes that people make is buying a pram that is oversized and bulky. Though you may argue that with triple prams we have little scope of getting a small pram, remember, the smaller the pram, the easier it would be for you to handle it. A small pram need not necessarily be uncomfortable for the baby. What is really important is that even in the compact form, the pram has been designed so as to allow enough space to the babies. These kinds of pram really do exist in the market. All you need to do is hunt for it. Check the size of the pram as it is folded and erected, and match it with the size of the car boot. Remember, this pram would have to be carried around a lot.
2. The next thing to avoid is a pram with large wheels. Large wheels make the pram difficult to move around, especially in crowded areas like crowded shopping malls. Since it is a triple pram we are talking about here, you must remember that carrying them around is as it is going to be a tough job. Large wheels will make it all the difficult to push the pram forward and handle it.

3. Many a times, while buying a baby triple pram, people tend to forget about the handles. Do not make the mistake of taking the question of the pram handle lightly. A wrong handle can make it very tough to move the pram around, generally the ones with a strong sturdy handle that spreads right across you, so that they can be pushed with just one hand also if needed, are the best choices.

4. Another important pitfall to avoid is a pram that cannot be collapsed and reconstructed easily enough. Try your hand at reconstructing the pram, and check how much effort it takes, and how mush time does it require. The easier it is to reconstruct, the better. However, make sure that in spite of being easy to reconstruct, the pram does not compromise of the strength of its built. Each attachment, each screw, and basically every part of the pram should be strongly held, so that there is not danger of it collapsing down suddenly.

5. Avoid prams that do not offer enough protection to the babies form sunlight and rainfall. A pram with a good canopy that can really protect the babies from adverse weather conditions should get your first preference. Also it is necessary to ensure that the canopies do not require much time or effort to put up.

Keep these tips in mind and be assured of buying the right pram for your babies! Get more information from Baby Jogger Strollers.

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